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Basic Services

General Consulting Services (North America)



Semi-Conductor Fabrication & Test Consulting



International Consulting Services


Including report preparation, data analysis, product testing, design evaluation, lightning and transient risk assessment, and meetings and telephone consultation. Minimum billing $50.


Assessments, Audits, Surveys & Problem Investigations


Fees are based on scope of activities and are quoted on an individual basis.

Travel Time $187.50/Hour

Special Educational Services and OJT


Educational Seminars & Training


Development fees vary depending on ownership of material developed, materials and resources required. In-house education and training programs are charged at the rate of $3500/day for 10 students--additional students are $200/day/student--plus expenses. Instructional fees may vary depending on material and supplemental equipment required for the course. Seminars (groups of 25 and more) are charged at the rate of $3500/day plus expenses.