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PowerCET Overview

Since its founding in 1986, PowerCET has focused on improving the productivity and reliability of electronic systems through consulting, education and training programs for client companies. PowerCET stresses an understanding of the electromagnetic environment, the effects of adverse power quality, and the means to identify and correct sources of interference.


The experience of the PowerCET founders provides the basis for the services offered by PowerCET. Bruce Lonie and Tom Shaughnessy, co-founders of PowerCET, have extensive experience in the investigation and diagnosis of complex electrical environment problems. They specialize in the application of mitigation equipment to resolve productivity and reliability issues. Services range from investigation of traditional electrical power problems to the solution of complex longitudinal interference problems found on local area networks (LANs) and other communication facilities. Test and measurement procedures include low and high frequency observation, testing and problem resolution. Field experience and research efforts by PowerCET’s founders have resulted in the development of proprietary monitoring equipment, procedures, and software to automate the data collection and analysis process.



PowerCET® U.S.A. Facilities


PowerCET relocated its Santa Clara headquarters to a new 3000 square foot facility in June 2000. Approximately one-third of the facility is devoted to classroom and lab area for product testing and evaluation. The laboratory and education facilities include over a quarter million dollars of test equipment and facility mockups, simulating 3-phase building electrical distribution systems.


A Commitment To Making Our World A Better Place


For the past several years, PowerCET has been providing support in building, maintaining and expanding clinics, hospitals and schools for people in developing countries by aiding in the work of two technology-based charitable organizations: PowerQuest Worldwide, Ltd. And Engineering Ministries International – USA.

We are proud of this work and grateful that we live in a country that has provided us with the opportunities and success we have achieved. PowerCET is committed to providing this support…because we can…and because it’s the right thing to do.


A Story of Discovery

For the past several years PowerCET has been providing support to two organizations that are involved in building, maintaining and expanding clinics, hospitals and schools for people in developing countries. The organizations PowerQuest WorldWide, Limited and Engineering Ministries International – USA (aka EMI USA) are two organizations we have worked with.
PowerCET has always had a charitable giving program, but its focus has been more U.S. based…Battered Women’s Shelters, Second Harvest Food Bank, Family Giving Tree and others. About 5 years ago William (Bill) Wright, P.E. (PowerQuest Worldwide Ltd.) approached PowerCET for training on some donated power monitoring equipment and software. During our discussions of Bill’s application and needs, we learned of the work he was doing in bringing basic medical services to people who have so little and we (PowerCET) felt that this was something that deserved our support and the relationship with PowerQuest WorldWide was born.
This past year Bill Wright introduced PowerCET to Andy Engebretson (EMI USA) which is how that relationship started.
PowerCET provides the following to these organizations:
• Technical support through our consulting, education and training activities on a pro-bono basis.
• Donation of tools and test equipment to increase the organizations capability and efficiency.
• Calibration and repair of equipment as needed.
• Purchase of equipment for EMI USA and PowerQuest Worldwide using PowerCET distributor discounts.
While it is doubtful that any of us, old-timers from PowerCET, will be helping these organizations on site in the remote locations we have defined our mission as follows:
To provide support…tools, test equipment and knowledge…to PowerQuest WorldWide and EMI USA to increase their capabilities and to make them as efficient as possible.
Both of these organizations are Christian Faith based which does not impact our commitment to support and work with them in any way possible. While we may not all share the same exact Faith we are committed to helping our fellow man, woman and child regardless of their personal beliefs. We ask nothing in return for our support other than that we all strive to make our world a better place for all people.
PowerCET is committed to providing this support because we can…and because it is the right thing to do.