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MRU-200-GPS Earth Ground Resistance and Resistivity Meter (base system)

MRU-200-GPS Earth Ground Resistance and Resistivity Meter with GPS location tagging of tests - basic meter only no current clamps (available as options). The Sonel MRU-200-GPS is a rugged, portable tool for earth ground resistance measurements. Tests can be performed using all methods: 2-pole, 3-pole, 4-pole, and impulse methods. Optional current clamps also allow the 3-pole method with current clamp, and the two-clamp method (one clamp for generating and the second clamp for measuring test current) for situations when auxiliary test electrodes can't be used.
Base price $3,199.00
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The MRU-200-GPS is the only meter which can perform all ground resistance measurement methods; 2-pole, 3-pole, 4-pole, and impulse earth impedance methods. 


  • » Ground resistance using auxiliary electrodes, or with electrodes and clamp for measurements in the presence of multiple ground paths
  • » Ground resistance using double clamps when it is not possible to use auxiliary electrodes 
  • » Impulse ground resistance without disconnecting measured grounding
  • » Soil resistivity using Wenner method
  • » Leakage current using current clamp or flexible Rogowsky probe
  • » Measurement of continuity of equipotential bonding and protective conductors (meets IEC 60364-6-61:2000 section 6.12.2) with auto-zero function and 200 mA current
  • » Ground resistance measurement, with 2-pole, 3-pole, or 4-pole methods
  • » Leakage current measurement
  • » Selective measurement with clamp excludes  influence from parallel ground points
  • » No opening of rusted conductors needed
  • » Impulse ground resistance measurement at 4/10 µs, 8/20 µs, or 10/350 µs
  • » Two clamps resistance measurement method without auxiliary test probes
  • » GPS coordinates of measurement location are stored with test results
  • » Resistance measurement of auxiliary electrodes
  • » Measurement of interference voltage and interference frequency
  • » Measurement in the presence of interference voltages at 16 2/3 Hz, 50 Hz, 60 Hz, and 400 Hz 
  • » Automatic or manual selection of frequency of measuring signal 
  • » Selection of maximum measuring voltage (25 V and 50 V)
  • » Distance between the electrodes noted in meters (m) and feet (ft)
  • » Memory storage for 990 measurements
  • » Calibration information of test clamp(s)
  • » Real-time clock
  • » USB interface for PC connection
  • » Internal battery with indication of state of charge
  • » Backlit LCD graphic display
  • » Double insulated meets IEC 61010-1 and IEC 61557 standards CAT IV 300 V


  • Testing ground