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About PowerCET - Team bios


Bruce Lonie is President and a co-founder (1986) of PowerCET. Previously, he was vice president of ONEAC Corporation and product support manager for the telecommunications Division of ROLM Corporation. His experience with GTE included operations, customer support, and engineering management positions. A recognized expert in the evaluation of energy, power, grounding and harmonic problems for data centers, commercial and industrial facilities. Bruce was co-author of theDranetz Field Handbook for Power Quality Analysis and regularly publishes articles on power quality and the electromagnetic environment. He is co-publisher of PQToday and served on the Editorial Advisory Board for Power Quality Assurance Magazine. In addition Bruce regularly conducts education and training programs on energy and power related issues as well as operational skills training on Dranetz, Fluke, Hioki, PowerSight, Electrocorder and PSL monitoring equipment and systems. He is a graduate of the University of Redlands, a member of IEEE, and has over 30 years experience in computer and telecommunications service, equipment protection and system troubleshooting. email Bruce