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Forensic Consulting & Expert Witness Services

Forensic Consulting Services



Forensic Consulting Services


Including forensic engineering, case research and analysis, product testing, facility or field evaluations, preparation of reports and attorney technical briefings. Activities which extend beyond the normal 8-hours will be billed at the hourly rate for the total hours actually worked. The daily rate is the minimum billing for out-of-time activities. Equipment expenses are not included in the consulting services rates—see PowerCET’s Equipment Usage Fees price list. Minimum billing increment 15-minutes per activity.


Expert Witness Services


Including depositions and court appearances.


Litigation Retainer


A non-refundable $5000 retainer is due upon acceptance of the litigation activity by PowerCET Corporation. Expenses (travel, meals, lodging and equipment expenses) are not included in the non-refundable retainer and will be billed separately.


Travel Time



Hold-over Time


Hold-over time includes weekends, holidays, etc. when the consultant remains in the distant (out-of-town) location at the request of the client. Meal, lodging and incidental expenses are in addition to the daily hold-over rate.