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Class NPowerCET Knowledge-Based courses provide you with the tools to identify, understand and solve your complex power quality and electrical environmental problems. These programs are based upon our extensive field experience and years of research and development in power measurements, mitigation devices and installation practices. The courses are equipment-intensive and demonstration-oriented.

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Knowledge-Based Courses

Introduction to Power Quality: Problems, Analysis & Solutions

This constantly updated, comprehensive three-day course is designed specifically for those who must troubleshoot and diagnose power, and facility wiring and grounding problems.
The course is designed to complement and incorporate procedures from The Dranetz Field Handbook for Power Quality Analysis. In this course you will gain an understanding of the determinants of power quality: geographic location, electrical utility system, facility/utility interface, building wiring system, data and telecommunication networks, and electrical loads. You will learn proven techniques and procedures for rapidly identifying and solving power quality problems. Upon completion you will be able to make an immediate contribution to your facility and possess the understanding and skills necessary to perform power quality surveys.

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Advanced Topics in Power Quality & Electromagnetic Compatibility

This new intense 2-day course covers advanced topics of power quality and equipment sensitivity with additional focus upon electric/magnetic fields and higher frequency forms of interference. The course focuses at the underlying reasons for equipment sensitivity: wiring issues; faults and their impact upon modern facilities; electromagnetic interference--sources and mitigation; emergency and back up power systems--strengths, weaknesses and application issues; and harmonics and harmonic filter/load interaction.

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Grounding for Equipment Performance & NEC2005

Few topics can elicit as much controversy as that of grounding. Poor grounding practices can cause continual equipment problems in a facility, whereas proper grounding practices can ensure reliable and productive facility operation. Specialized grounding techniques have evolved to meet the perceived grounding requirements of electronic equipment; sometimes grounding implementation not only degrades equipment performance but also violates the National Electrical Code. Terms such as single point grounding, multiple point grounding, isolated grounding, and equipotential reference grounding have special meaning and illustrate different approaches to grounding. PQE203 is an intensive one-day course which examines, in depth, this very controversial topic. The course looks at grounding from a fresh perspective. PQE203 also focuses on changes brought about by the 2005 National Electric Code.

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Advanced Waveform Analysis & Case Studies

In this 1-day course you’ll view a variety of real-world waveforms, each illustrating a particular PQ problem with discussion on solving the problem Through numerous case studies, this new course will help you recognize, analyze and resolve common problems. In addition, classroom time will be allocated to analysis of student waveforms. Waveform material must be submitted prior to the class to ensure compatibility (e.g., Dranetz-BMI, Fluke-RPM, and Hioki).

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Power Quality -- Education

Any of PowerCET's knowledge based education or operational skills based training programs are available as in-house classes at the client's facility. An additional advantage to in-house programs is that they afford the opportunity for customization of the material to meet specific objectives and needs that might not be fully met in a public program. Contact PowerCET for a discussion of education and training needs.

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