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Class NPowerCET® is the training resource for AEMC, Dranetz-BMI, Reliable Power Meters (Fluke / RPM), Hioki, & PowerSight, offering operational skills training to help you get top performance from your power quality analysis instruments and associated software. A certificate of completion is awarded at the end of the class.

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Operational Skills-Based Courses

Dranetz 440/4400/PX5 & HDPQ

DranetzDranetz HDPQ-Series as well as the 440/4400/PX5 Power Monitors: This 1-day course provides you with the skills to effectively use the Dranetz Power Analyzers / Monitors. The course helps you take advantage of the unique capabilities of the units in general power quality applications, equipment testing and verification and troubleshooting. 

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Dranetz DranView 6.x - Training

DranetzDranetz DranView Version 6.x: This 1-day course covers the evaluation PQ data recorded by Dranetz power monitors. The course starts with a review of the DranView capabilities and features. Students complete a series of exercises on navigating the software menu structure and displaying and exporting data for later inclusion in reports. Students are given a series of case studies and monitoring data and individually complete a series of exercises in which they analyze previously recorded monitoring sessions and develop a report of their findings. Materials include workbook and CD with monitoring data, sample reports and class exercises.

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Dranetz Legacy Product In-house Classes

DranetzDranetz Legacymonitoring products operational skills-based training programs are available as in-house programs. For specific class descriptions please select In-House from the menu bar at the top of the page for in-house class offerings and descriptions. The following is a list of available classes:.

  • 658 PQ Analyzer (DB-658-IH)
  • Power Platform PP1 (DB-PP1-IH)
  • Power Platform 4300 (DB-4300-IH)

Fluke 1750

FLUKEFluke 1750 Three-Phase Power Recorder & Power View PC Software: The Fluke 1750 replaces the RPM 1656. The monitor provides highly automated data capture with extremely deep memory and long record lengths. The seminar discusses the strengths and uses of the monitor to solve a wide range of power quality issues.

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Fluke 430-Series PQ Analyzer

FLUKEFluke 430 Series Power Quality Analyzer & FlukeView: In this 1-day course you will gain skills and knowledge to effectively use the many features of the Fluke 433 and 434 Power Quality Analyzers. The course covers hardware familiarity and basic operation, real-time metering, power quality monitoring, saving and loading data and setups, and using the 433/434/435 with FlukeView Software.

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In-House Operational Skills Training

Any of PowerCET's knowledge based education or operational skills based training programs are available as in-house classes at the client's facility. An additional advantage to in-house programs is that they afford the opportunity for customization of the material to meet specific objectives and needs that might not be fully met in a public program. Contact PowerCET for a discussion of education and training needs.

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