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Fluke 1750 3-Phase Power Recorder with four 400 Amp probes.

Fluke's flagship, the 1750 is a rugged portable power quality and energy analyzer that is one of the easiest instruments to set-up and install. It automatically records every power quality parameter and event, on every cycle, all the time, with the minimum of operator intervention. This package comes with four 400A clamp-on current probes. See other packages for flexible current probes. Rental systems are also available. Whether you buy or rent, PowerCet can support you with on-line training and interpretation of data.
Base price $14,249.95
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The Fluke 1750 3-Phase Power Recorder 

  • Easy to use. No thresholds to program. The 1750 has an exclusive capture algorithm which captures all events without the tedious setups and blind spots associated with threshold driven equipment. No one wants a wasted power study due to setup mistakes; thanks to Fluke they are a thing of the past!
  • Safety first! NFPA 70E safety requirements means you must wear cumbersome, and claustrophobic PPE suits, gloves, and headgear. The 1750 gives you relief from wearing PPE for long periods. After making the connections move to a safe distance to remove PPE and then control the 1750 remotely from a PDA or PC. The PDA wirelessly interfaces with the recorder, allowing verification of connections via waveform displays, meter screens, and phasor diagrams. You can even control multiple instruments from a distance easily from the PDA, or a laptop can if preferred.
  • Automatic detection and scaling of current probes. The 1750 powers flexible current probes directly, no batteries needed.
  • Single-lead voltage terminals enable safe and quick connections for single-phase, dual single phase, and three-phase systems.
  • Successful recordings. Once power is applied the instrument automatically begins recording and LEDs indicate the recorder is powered up, and power signals are within range.  Fluke technology removes any uncertainty that data is being recorded.



  • Premium accuracy and measurement: IEC 61000-4-30 Class A
  • Threshold-free setup
  • Intuitive PC software
  • Measure every parameter: voltage and current on three phases, neutral, and ground
  • 5 MHz, 8000 Vpk waveform capture
  • Quickly retrieve data: With included SD memory card or via 10/100BASE-T

Capture voltage sags. Plot events with V and I waveforms.

 Long term summaries. Record and log power parameters over time.

Real time views. Phasor diagram to check connections and phase angles.

Real time views.Scope waveforms show V and I retracing. Take snapshots.