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PSL PQube Three-Phase AC Power Monitor

PQube is a three-phase, four-wire power quality monitor designed for DIN-rail mounting
Base price $3,219.00
Price / kg:

Power Standards Lab's PQube has redefined power monitoring with this small, fully featured, user-friendly power quality, energy and carbon emissions monitor. With the PQube there is no proprietary software...your reportwriter is called "Excel." All data is written to an on-board SD memory card in standard formats--HTML web pages, spreadsheets (Excel compatible CSV files), GIF image files of summary plots and event waveform records, text, XML and PQDIF.

With an Internet access (optional module) the PQube can provide the user with periodic reports and event data as it happens via specially coded complicated network configuration required.

In addition to the standard power and energy monitoring the PQube has environmental, status and DC monitoring capabilities.